Bryan Casey, Director of Digital Marketing at IBM, joins us on Content & Conversation.

With a high-authority name like IBM, we rarely think of what it takes to navigate an enterprise company of that size — 400,000 to be exact.

Bryan is no stranger to such obstacles. A veteran of IBM, Bryan has tackled performance marketing for over seven years, leading teams across SEO, user research, campaign management, and digital strategy.

Today’s episode was inspired by Bryan’s recent Substack article: How IBM Generated $250M of Lifetime Traffic Value (LTTV) in 2021. Bryan and Ross discuss the inner workings of IBM and how he’s made major strides for IBM’s traffic value in a short amount of time.

Show Notes:

  • 00:39: Bryan’s original post on how IBM generated over $250M of lifetime traffic value (LTTV) in 2021
  • 1:10: IBM’s “Inbound Workbook”
  • 8:13: What processes have made the workbook successful?
  • 10:41: What is the “diamond team model” and how has it helped SEO in larger organizations
  • 16:45: IBM’s SEO team breakdown
  • 21:46: The benefits of keyword frameworks
  • 14:25: Why user stories are important
  • 16:42: What is content engineering?
  • 24:54: IBM’s attribution models
  • 29:44: How to build an SEO movement at a large organization
  • 33:20: The benefit of using keywords in addition to charts in internal reporting
  • 40:23: Who do you invite to the internal Slack channel?
  • 42:36: Bryan’s evolution of role and management best practices
  • 45:19: How IBM uses internal blogging
  • 51:54: The pros and cons of email communication
  • 53:58: How long does it take to roll out a successful SEO program?
  • 1:01:00: The effects of redirects for IBM, link building strategy

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