Clearscope’s Bernard Huang is back on Content & Conversation.

You may be familiar with Bernard already — especially when it comes to all things content. Whether from our previous episode on search intent perspectives, or his top-rated content optimization platform, Clearscope, Bernard is continuously up to date on what makes search engines tick.

In this episode, Ross and Bernard talk about the volatility that can come with a looming recession. Furthermore, they dive into why efforts like top-funnel content and brand engagement are traditionally less attributable channels to bottom-line growth.

The pair discuss this challenge and how to recession-proof your content marketing and SEO goals through the exploration of bottom-funnel topics, updating and repurposing current content, and how to use the evolution of machine learning to your advantage.

Show Notes:

  • 00:07: Welcome, Bernard Huang, Co-founder of Clearscope
  • 00:30: How to recession-proof content marketing
  • 5:05: Why exploring bottom-funnel topics are key
  • 7:32: Attributing content to revenue, lead generation
  • 11:57: Update content more
  • 14:41: Repurpose content more
  • 18:09: Using keyword rankings to prove success
  • 19:05: Search demand’s decline and ChatGPT
  • 22:36: The revolution of language models and unique data
  • 30:10: Final tips, tactics, and tricks for recession-proof content marketing

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