Wondering why your digital PR strategy isn’t moving the needle? If your campaigns seem to miss the mark, you’re not alone.

Digital PR, much like its traditional counterpart, plays a pivotal role in shaping public perception of your brand. However, the involvement of digital PR agencies often results in the brand getting lost amidst a high volume of assets that veer off-topic.

Not only does this result in unrealistic link goals, but it can also inadvertently cause more harm than good.

Join us on this episode of Content & Conversation as Ross and Drew uncover the “holy grail” of effective digital PR. They explore the importance of keyword-driven research, the power of thought leadership, and the significant impact of SEO fundamentals.

Additionally, the pair delve into the high-value influence of long-form assets such as reports or surveys.

Show Notes:

  • 00:23: Does digital PR have enough value per link?
  • 4:35: How to execute link building effectively
  • 6:40: Breaking down the value of links by industry
  • 7:29: Off-brand digital PR — the “Principal—Agent” problem
  • 9:59: Deploying digital PR campaigns 1-4x a year
  • 11:50: Why keyword-driven digital PR makes the most impact
  • 13:08: How to fuel internal linking across your site
  • 14:29: Digital PR best practices, the fundamentals
  • 15:49: Final tips, tricks, and tactics

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