How Siege Media Helped Homebuyer Go From $0 to $485,000/mo in Traffic Value


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The Client

With over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Homebuyer sets out to make the homeownership process less daunting. Through education, personalized digital experiences, and human support, Homebuyer has become an easy-to-use resource that is accessible and inclusive to all buyers.

Industry: B2C

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Services Provided: SEO & Content Marketing


Homebuyer launched in 2020 as a brand-new startup trying to rank against massive competitors in the mortgage space.

Dan Green, the Founder and CEO of Homebuyer, was bought into the value of SEO but knew they had to show results quickly as a seed-stage company, with the goal of showing traction and getting to a new stage of growth.

Growth Summary

Siege helped Homebuyer advise on initial SEO strategy, including domain name valuation and acquisition for a legacy property that was not being properly leveraged.

From there, we applied our Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) Analysis process to identify high-value topics with low difficulty that would give Homebuyer early ranking opportunities while also building links.

After several months of grinding out best practices with high-quality content around homebuying, the domain hit an inflection point, with several assets hitting number one in rankings and taking the site on a rocket ship trajectory of traffic and traffic value growth.

Dan Green Founder and CEO, Homebuyer

Siege Media's team brings cutting edge expertise and high quality content day in and day out. I know I can trust them to aggressively grow our search traffic, and they've done that to date in a very competitive industry.

Dan Green

Founder and CEO, Homebuyer