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Do you want 500,000 more monthly visitors? 

We had four clients hit this goal last year. Not one. Not two. Not three.


Admittedly, these were big companies with high ceilings. Not every company is capable of the same numbers, but almost all are capable of great growth. And it can be done in the exact same way it was done for the above four—creating and promoting search-driven content that ranks.

Not “linkbait”. Not “link building”. Not “posting on the blog”. Creating best-in-class content that maps to top and middle-of-the-funnel keywords with search volume, and then promoting it.

And then doing it again. And again. And again. And again.

It’s not always pretty, but it works. And it grows your bottom line just as impressively.

The Siege Media Difference

Without content, you can’t rank. Without SEO expertise, you can’t figure out how to massage that content into ranking for the keywords that will drive conversions for your benefit.

By working with Siege Media, we’ll bring the best of both worlds—SEO expertise from working with the largest sites in the world—and content marketing expertise that our team developed from building content that worked long before Google ever cared.

If you’ve compared agencies before today, you’ve probably realized that’s harder to find that than it should be. Most SEO agencies grew up optimizing title tags and building links for money, so they don’t understand what it takes to make something popular online.

And on the other end, traditional content marketing agencies aren’t proficient in keyword research or link development the way experienced SEOs are. They can generate eyeballs, but they can’t hold them the way SEO can.

With Siege Media, you get both—people who know how to build popular content, and also make it rank well online.

Content Development

The number one driver of inbound, earned traffic to your site comes from the development of great content that solves the problems of your customers.

Through working with our team, we will help create content that not only solves problems, but also massively grows your traffic and sales—all at the same time.


Our content creation services are different from most, in that we use unique principles to maximize the growth of your business.

We map the problems of your customers to top or middle-of-the-funnel keywords with search demand, create best-in-class content to solve them, and then get that content covered, generating the links and authority necessary to get it ranking.

That in turn helps lift your domain as a whole, moving up the bottom funnel keywords to more established positions. And as a secondary benefit, that top- and mid-funnel content increases brand awareness, upping CTR at the bottom edge of the funnel, which in turn can cause those rankings to move up on their own.

It’s not as simple as “creating great content”, though. We do much more.

We determine if your keywords have an outreach market. We prioritize by potential benefit and keyword competition using a complex keyword benefit analysis. We identify the content type that makes sense for that keyword, and then map it against industry research to create a highly sharable piece.

And then we rigorously test the distribution of that content to make sure we are maximizing the close rate, and therefore improving the rankings, of the placements we get you.

We don’t just create content, or do SEO.

We create and distribute data-driven content that ranks.

On-Page SEO


What about the on-page side? Content marketing is great, but what does it matter if the on-page is broken?

You’re right. It doesn’t. And it won’t.

Siege Media understands the importance of on-page SEO, and that without it in place, the best content marketing in the world won’t make a dent. We’ll work with you to make sure your on-page is spot-on before moving to the off-page marketing, and we won’t do that by handing you to an inexperienced college graduate.

All on-page SEO is directly handled by Siege Media founder Ross Hudgens, an SEO with 7+ years experience helping enterprise clients. Ross has a respected reputation as a thought leader in the industry, which has led to speaking gigs at MozCon, SMX Advanced, as well as several others across the world.

In short, your site is in good hands.

The general on-page philosophy of Ross and Siege Media is that audits don’t cut it. We don’t do work that won’t make a sizable impact, and so few audits actually get acted on. Similarly, SEO changes—and so does your site, so it is rare that a one-time audit is the right answer.

We work with you on an ongoing basis, sticking to the recommendations that actually move the needle, not fill up another few pages on an audit document you overpaid for. We holistically tie that back to our content marketing initiatives, and from there, watch your business grow.

Ready to increase the efficiency of your efforts with our SEO consulting services? If so, get in touch below. If you want to keep learning about what Siege Media has to offer, go back to our content marketing services page or check out our work.

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