Should you spend the same amount of time creating content as you do promoting it?

We don’t think so.

The “spend 50%+ of your time on distribution theory” makes sense — in theory. To ensure ROI, why not try to get your content the most exposure possible? However, in most scenarios, if the right SEO and content marketing strategy is in place, manual distribution isn’t necessary.

If you correctly hit all of the fundamentals and strategy, your content will scale through ranking.

In today’s episode, Drew Page, Siege Media’s Director of Business Development, and CEO Ross Hudgens discuss the potential of passive link strategy. They also discuss why the best distribution plan may be shifting your efforts to high-quality content and optimizing for search.

Show Notes:

  • 00:15: What is the 50%+ of your time on distribution theory?
  • 1:38: Why do we think this theory is wrong?
  • 2:36: Spend more time on quality and optimization for search
  • 3:24: The appropriate amount of time for distribution on average
  • 4:11: Using Pareto’s Principle (80/20) to better balance efforts
  • 5:34: What Archimedes’ Lever has taught us on content performance

  • 7:54: How to best use your time on content and distribution
  • 9:58: The difference between promoting content and promoting a business
  • 11:42: Why KOB analysis is still a key factor
  • 12:43: Is PPC a valid strategy for link building?
  • 14:30: Summary

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