SEO content writing is the key that unlocks the door to organic website traffic.

With over 12 years of experience, Siege Media crafts SEO content that gets results. We go beyond generic content creation — we craft compelling content that drives strategic results, like increasing monthly organic traffic by 137%.

While we’re confident in our expertise, we understand you might have other options. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best SEO content writing services to consider.

If offloading content to a trusted content creation service that can deliver high-quality SEO content is important, check out our list to help find the agency that best suits your needs.

  1. Siege Media – Best Overall
  2. ClearVoice – Best Content Network
  3. Crowd Content – Best for Budget-Friendly Content
  4. Straight North – Best for Data-Driven Content
  5. 97th Floor – Best for Automation
  6. Ten Speed – Best ICP-Focused Strategy
  7. – Best Scalable Content Partner
  8. Verblio – Best Cost-Effective Solutions
  9. The Blogsmith – Best for B2B and SaaS Strategy
  10. Skale – Best for Scalable Content

1. Siege Media

screenshot of the Siege Media homepage

Best for: Premium SEO content

Headquartered in: 100% remote with hubs in San Diego, Austin, and New York City

Industries: Fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: AAA, Zendesk, and Casper

Struggling to create SEO-friendly content that ranks high in search results? Look no further. Siege Media combines SEO expertise, content marketing muscle, and PR savvy to fuel your online growth.

We ditch unreliable tactics and leverage data-driven strategies to uncover lucrative ranking opportunities. Our skilled SEO writers craft unique content that sets you apart.

The proof is in the results: our SEO writing services deliver over $148,646,000 in annual client traffic value. We create top-notch content by marrying in-depth keyword research with exceptional copywriting and best-in-class content design.

But SEO content writing is just one of our specialties. Our team also excels in technical SEO, web design, and digital PR, ensuring a holistic approach to your online success.

2. ClearVoice

Screenshot of the ClearVoice homepage site

Best for: Connecting with established freelance content creators

Headquartered in: Phoenix, Arizona

Industries: B2C, healthcare, software, financial, and legal services

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Cabela’s, CISCO, and Updater

ClearVoice is a content creation platform offering varying writing services to suit businesses’ needs. Designed for flexibility and adaptability, ClearVoice’s content creation services are available to businesses of all sizes. They aim to bridge client content gaps, drive traffic, increase online visibility, and establish industry authority.

ClearVoice offers managed content creation. This service includes developing content in various formats aligning with your specific strategy and industry. ClearVoice also provides content distribution and guest posting services designed to reach new audiences and elevate your brand.

By handling the entire process internally, ClearVoice allows clients to step back and focus on their core business while high-quality SEO content gets amplified across multiple websites. The ClearVoice Content solution offers four distinct plans based on your needs. This ensures you only pay for the content and resources you truly require.

3. Crowd Content

Screenshot of the Crowd Content homepage site

Best for: Cost-effective content creation

Headquartered in: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Industries: Various industries

Pricing: Pay per word

Recognizable clients: Grubhub, Wealthsimple, and dribble

Crowd Content is designed as a digital writing solution for digital marketing agencies. While these agencies handle strategic marketing, this content writing service can provide high-quality copywriting and alleviate their workload. By leveraging a pool of over 6,000 vetted freelance writers with diverse expertise, Crowd Content ensures a perfect match for each project’s needs.

This makes them a valuable asset for agencies feeling overwhelmed by current demands. Crowd Content allows them to increase their copy output without incurring additional overhead costs.

Crowd Content takes pride in its team of expert writers who stay up-to-date on the latest Google and E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust) guidelines. With Crowd Content, agencies can elevate their content strategy and impress clients, all while saving time and resources.

4. Straight North

Screenshot of the Straight North homepage site

Best for: Data-driven content marketing strategies

Headquartered in: Chicago, Illinois

Industries: B2B, B2C, and technology

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Recognizable clients: Chicago Bears, BluePay, and Donnelley Financial Solutions

A veteran in the content writing space with over 25 years of experience, Straight North is a digital marketing agency well-respected for providing SEO services to businesses of all sizes, from enterprise to local. Their focus is meticulously crafted keyword research, which forms the foundation for increasing organic traffic and growth for their clients.

Straight North’s SEO writing approach combines data-driven digital marketing strategies with collaboration. They work closely with clients to identify content goals and create a comprehensive plan to achieve them.

Their portfolio boasts a variety of informative content formats tailored to each client’s audience and industry. Straight North caters to businesses of all sizes, making them a versatile choice for many SEO content needs.

5. 97th Floor

Screenshot of the 97th Floor homepage site

Best for: Scalable content

Headquartered in: Lehi, Utah

Industries: Business, health, technology, B2C, finance, energy, home services, and real estate

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: FIGS, McKinsey & Company, and Zoom

97th Floor is a data-driven digital marketing service that excels in crafting high-value content aligned with its core “Great Marketing” philosophy: empathy, innovation, and profitability. Their team holds extensive customer knowledge and industry analysis across various sectors.

This expertise translates into content creation that resonates with your target audience, whether ad copy, website content, or engaging articles. By focusing on user experience and search engine optimization, 97th Floor ensures your content drives organic traffic and growth.

6. Ten Speed

Screenshot of the Ten Speed homepage site

Best for: ICP-focused strategy

Headquartered in: Chicago, Illinois

Industries: B2B and Saas

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Workvivo,, and Visible

Ten Speed, an SEO and content marketing agency, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses. Their content writing services deliver original content in various formats tailored to your ideal customer profile and product positioning. They prioritize close collaboration to ensure complete alignment with your target audience, including style guide and tone of voice.

They take pride in their meticulous editorial process, guaranteeing high-quality content. This process includes subject-matter expert (SME) review and three rounds of human editing before the first draft. Ten Speed empowers B2B companies to achieve sustainable organic growth through SEO and content marketing.


Screenshot of the homepage site

Best for: Scalable content partner

Headquartered in: Seattle, Washington

Industries: Various industries

Pricing: Starting at $900/month

Recognizable clients: Mailchimp, WebMD, and Calendly is an SEO content writing agency that connects businesses and agencies with a network of vetted, U.S.-based freelance writers specializing in SEO-focused content creation. They aim to help clients generate high-quality content at cost-effective prices.

What sets apart is its managed service approach. handles content creation, from assigning writers suited to your industry and audience to managing payroll. They are a great option for companies with an established content strategy needing additional content production support.

8. Verblio

Screenshot of the Verblio homepage site

Best for: Cost-Effective content solutions

Headquartered in: Denver, Colorado

Industries: Various industries

Pricing:Pay per word

Verblio is a content creation platform that leverages the combined power of human expertise and computer efficiency to generate unique SEO writing. It connects agencies and companies with a pool of professional freelance writers based in the US, providing support for outsourced content needs.

This large pool of SEO content writers opens doors for various industries to utilize Verblio’s services. They prioritize having writers who can create publish-ready content with the help of AI tools. This approach keeps costs lower and production faster. However, customers can also choose 100% human-written content customized to their specific company tone and target audience.

For companies seeking strictly copywriting support, Verblio offers a cost-effective solution.

9. The Blogsmith

Screenshot of The Blogsmith homepage site

Best for: B2B and SaaS strategic content

Headquartered in: Denver, Colorado

Industries: Financial, B2B technology SaaS, small business, and e-commerce

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Moz, Semrush, and HubSpot

The Blogsmith is a B2B-focused content agency specializing in creating SEO-optimized content for B2B companies. Their approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; they work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and create content that perfectly fits their overall goals.

They focus on crafting high-quality content that ranks well in search engines and resonates with the target audience across the entire sales funnel.

By emphasizing data and research, The Blogsmith ensures content aligns with user intent and search engine algorithms. Additionally, they believe in nurturing long-term relationships with clients, actively seeking feedback and input to improve their practices.

10. Skale

Screenshot of the Skale homepage site

Best for: Scalable content

Headquartered in: London, England, United Kingdom

Industries: SaaS and B2B

Pricing: Custom pricing

Recognizable clients: Rezi, Perkbox, and Moonpay

Skale is an SEO agency that offers expert-led SEO content writing services specifically designed for SaaS companies. Their focus is on creating user-centric and relevant content that drives pipeline growth.

By combining industry experts with comprehensive SEO research, their team creates authoritative and scalable content for their clients. They also leverage data and trends to address specific customer concerns and position their clients as industry experts.

Skale positions itself as a good choice for SaaS companies seeking results-oriented content. This content attracts the right audience and drives conversions.

Unlocking Potential with SEO Content Writing Services

Don’t settle for just any SEO content writing service. By understanding your unique needs and goals, you can find a partner who’ll create high-quality content that drives results.

Siege Media stands out from the competition by offering comprehensive and adaptable solutions to help companies meet their goals. Our team of skilled copywriters and designers can elevate your content creation, freeing you to focus on product growth strategies.

Explore our case studies to learn how Siege Media’s data-driven approach and skilled team can help you become a content leader in your industry.

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