Humans vs. robots — the age-old clash between organic knowledge and artificial intelligence continues to expand.

As technology leaps forward, content marketers have begun to consider AI generation tools less of a future possibility and more of a present opportunity. In fact, more than 60% of content marketers plan to use AI generation in their current marketing efforts.

With AI tools on the rise, including Jasper, OpenAI, and WriteSonic, the marketing world is rapidly expanding — but what does that mean for premium writers and top-tier agencies in the future?

Whether you’re ready to jump into the world of AI generation or just want to understand the hype, our Jasper AI review covers the ins and outs of robotic writing and answers a few burning questions, including when to use AI tools and why they shouldn’t replace human-led writing and content marketing.

What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper is a robotic program that uses artificial intelligence to create original content. Originally branded as Jarvis AI, this AI writing assistant helps marketers create branded content, including blogs, website copy, social media copy, emails, and more.

Screenshot of Jasper homepage.

Jasper can calibrate a brand’s tone of voice and learn the details of a business’s internal style guide. The AI writing tool can also scan website copy, understand tone structure, and adapt to different voices across a brand’s writing.

Jasper also works as a collaborative tool for teams of all sizes and players — from copywriters and editors to designers, campaign managers, and more. Plus, the program’s 30+ language options allow it to work with and create content for diverse audiences, and its programming can also build and suggest marketing campaigns based on pre-formed content.

Jasper Writing: Recommended Uses

With more than 50% of business leaders currently using AI tools in their content marketing efforts, knowing where to employ them is important. According to general SEO philosophy, AI writing tools — Jasper included — can be helpful for:

  • Keyword or intent ideation
  • Outline creation
  • Non-SEO pages
  • Long-tail pages like category and product pages
  • Social media copy based on pre-written long-form content and design assets
  • Grammar and punctuation

However, we do NOT recommend AI to:

  • Create long-form content without significant input or edits from an experienced content creation team

As their homepage says, Jasper is an AI writing assistant, which still needs external direction and assistance when creating a content strategy, optimizing design assets, and more. AI writing tools should not be left to their own devices (literally) when content is on the line — a human should always review, edit, and optimize AI writing.

When it comes right down to it, the human experience matters when creating content designed for people to consume. Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines emphasize how a creator’s personal experiences can greatly impact their reader’s trust, which can’t be fabricated or robotically manufactured.

Refer to our pros and cons list below to gain a better understanding of Jasper’s potential. While we dive into more detailed information later, this list can help you quickly determine if the AI tool’s capabilities align with your needs.

The pros and cons of using Jasper, an AI writing tool.

Who Is Jasper’s Target Audience?

Anyone can use Jasper, but its flexibility, reliability, and consistency are most useful in the workplace. Its design is uniquely beneficial to specific groups, including:

  • Marketers: Virtual assistance creating and executing full-scale campaigns
  • Content writers: Creation of original, plagiarism-free content
  • Public relations specialists: Creation of press releases, media pitches, and client-focused communication
  • Advertising professionals: Ad copy variations for A/B testing and unique campaigns
  • Social media managers: Frequent, interesting short-form content
  • Web developers: Engaging web copy and idea generation about web design, structure, and user experience

Jasper's target audience includes marketers, social media managers, and more.

How To Use Jasper

Compared to other AI generation tools, Jasper boasts a fairly simple interface — even though it can produce a variety of unique content. To best use Jasper, four simple steps can help users get started.

Step 1. Choose a Template

Choosing a template is step 1 when using Jasper.

After starting a new project, Jasper gives you the option to choose a template from its library. The AI writing tool gives users more than 50 options to choose from, including:

  • Document templates
  • AIDA frameworks
  • Blog post outlines
  • Product description templates
  • Press release templates
  • Video descriptions

There is also an option to start with a blank template. Each of Jasper’s specific templates aims to help users create exactly what they need. For our purposes, we chose to use the blog post outline template while exploring the tool for ourselves.

Step 2. Fill Out the Prompts

Filling out prompts is step 2 when using Jasper.

For Jasper to best capture your tone and writing style, you should answer the tool’s prompts after selecting a template.

For our blog post outline template, we specified the title, topic, tone, and language. After you have filled out the prompts, it’s time to click “generate” and let Jasper do its thing.

Step 3. Generate Content

Generating content is step 3 when using Jasper.

After selecting the Generate button, Jasper creates and reveals its original content. For our topic “What is content design,” the tool generated two unique content outlines in less than 20 seconds. Both outlines contained six potential H2s that could guide the creation of either a short- or long-form post.

Step 4. Edit and Update Output

Editing the output is step 4 when using Jasper.

The final step to using Jasper doesn’t necessarily even include the tool — at this point, you need to edit and update the tool’s output. Jasper does have a document editing tool where you can rework and update the content within the AI tool, but it’s also possible to edit the output on any other document software, including Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

When editing Jasper’s output, address grammatical errors or inconsistencies, check that all data points are accurate, and finish sentences or paragraphs that feel incomplete. In our experience, all of these scenarios are possible and could affect the overall quality of your content.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it — Jasper is a great writing tool that needs human guidance to create accurate, high-quality, and SEO-friendly content.

Jasper Features

Jasper is primarily a robotic writing assistant, but it also supports some new and interesting features, which can help creators design and build specific forms of content.

  • Jasper Campaigns: Helps marketers create full-scale brand campaigns in one platform without sacrificing consistency and collaboration
  • Jasper Art: Creates original, unwatermarked design assets based on direction provided by the user
  • Jasper Chat: Interactive AI chatbot that answers questions, reviews and updates content, and more
  • Jasper API: Generative AI system that can integrate directly into a client’s CMS platform to help create branded, timely content
  • Template Library: Unique library composed of 50+ content templates to help Jasper AI streamline the creation process for a variety of projects
  • Chrome Extension: Online browser extension designed to help streamline content workflows and improve writing before publication

Jasper Pricing

Jasper pricing breaks down into three categories: Creator, Team, and Business.

  1. Creator: As the lowest pricing option, the creator plan is billed yearly at $39/month or monthly at $49/month. This option has unlimited words, more than 50 templates, and one brand voice.
  2. Team: The team plan is billed yearly at $99/month or monthly at $125/month. This plan includes every creator plan feature along with 10 campaigns and multiple user logins.
  3. Business: With custom pricing, the business plan option includes all the features from the creator and team plans. Additionally, this plan includes live chat and a customer success manager.

Jasper offers users a free 7-day trial before committing to a pricing plan, allowing clients to upgrade or cancel subscriptions at any time.

Screenshot showing Jasper's three pricing models.

Jasper Alternatives

The world of AI and content creation is quickly growing — if one tool doesn’t fit your needs, there’s bound to be another that will. Some of the best alternatives to Jasper include:

  • OpenAI: Also known as ChatGPT, OpenAI’s free, human-sounding content tool is one of the most advanced AI options available — with limitations.
  • GrammarlyGO: This AI communication assistant can help create, rewrite, and ideate new content in a specific writing style.
  • WriteSonic: Claiming to create SEO-friendly content 10x faster, WriteSonic’s GPT-4 software helps writers create a variety of content in a consistent voice.
  • Copysmith: Designed for marketing and e-commerce teams, Copysmith is great for product descriptions and tool integration.

Our Verdict: Writing Assistant, Not Writing Mastermind

As a top-tier marketing agency, our verdict is this: Jasper  — or any AI generation tool — should not replace your marketing and content creation teams.

However, AI tools can be incredible writing assistants for PR projects, advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, social media posts, website development, short-form content, and more.

Jasper is upfront about its capabilities as a writing assistant. To create accurate, SEO-optimized, and consistent content across all platforms, humans should continue taking the time to create long-form content while potentially employing AI algorithms to help ideate and outline posts and campaigns.

Jasper FAQ

How accurate is Jasper?

Jasper’s accuracy greatly depends on the type of content you ask it to create. Step-by-step content is usually fairly accurate, but you should always fact-check data-based content for errors and inconsistencies.

Can you make money with Jasper?

It is possible to make money with Jasper. The tool has a variety of online marketplaces for individuals to advertise their skills, products, services, and availability.

Does Jasper have a free trial?

Yes, Jasper has a seven-day free trial that you can activate before committing to one of the tool’s pricing plans.

Is Jasper’s content plagiarized?

Jasper doesn’t plagiarize content. The writing produced by the AI generation tool is unique though it can emulate existing copy at times. However, it is best to be cautious by running any content created by Jasper through a plagiarism detection tool before publishing it online.

Write Your Best With a Content Marketing Agency

Creating content with an AI generation tool may seem like the next best thing, but our Jasper AI review proves that it hasn’t topped human-made content. While using it to strengthen your content is encouraged, AI writing tools should not replace human-led content creation.

If you’re looking for a content creation service capable of producing original, well-written, and SEO-optimized content the first time, look no further. At Siege Media, don’t leave your success up to the machines — we prioritize delivering rankable, accurate content every single time.

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