E-commerce sales continue to grow year over year. These sales reached over $6.3 trillion worldwide in 2023 and are projected to be over $8.1 trillion by 2026. One of the ways business owners are cashing in to get a piece of these e-commerce sales is by using one of the most popular website tools around, Shopify.

Shopify is the premier e-commerce platform that allows people to grow and scale their businesses while also managing their transactions. Shopify works by plugging into your various sales channels like social media and your website.

Setting up Shopify on your website is the easy part, but how do you actually get people to visit your website so they have the opportunity to buy?

SEO companies specialize in getting your website in front of the right people so you can make sales. Today, you’ll learn about the benefits of working with Shopify experts at an SEO company. You’ll discover how Shopify SEO companies work, and we’ll a list of some of the best agencies in the business.

Top 10 Shopify SEO Companies

  1. Siege Media
  2. ITGeeks
  3. TheVisionTech
  4. Swift
  5. Thriftizer
  6. CarlowSEO
  7. Ecommerce Storez
  8. eBizTrait
  9. Coalition
  10. LanternSol

What is a Shopify SEO agency?

SEO agencies that specialize in Shopify are digital marketing companies that use content marketing strategies so that your website shows up first on Google for different search terms. Using SEO for your Shopify store not only elevates the Google rankings but also helps highlight options in your store and differentiate you from the competition.

For example, if you have an online clothing company for women, you would want your website to show up first when someone types “affordable clothes for women” in the Google search bar. There’s a lot of competition for different search terms, and that’s where an agency fluent in Shopify’s language comes in.

Shopify SEO agencies understand the inner workings of the Google algorithm and what it takes to get websites prioritized for different search terms. Many businesses outsource this to an SEO agency because it requires time, effort, and expertise to rank for competitive search terms.

10 best Shopify SEO agencies

There is a wide variety of Shopify SEO companies out there, each with its different strengths, and we’ve done the work of narrowing the list down to 10 of the best. Below, we listed them in no particular order and provided some additional information about each company so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Siege Media

Siege Media has over 10 years of experience providing an abundance of SEO services. Not only does Siege Media assist with bringing Shopify websites to the top ranks of Google, but we work with a wide range of other content management software as well. The team at Siege consists of web developers, content writers, editors, and designers. Each team member produces work that helps boost client websites on Google and other SERPs.

Our team has worked with various major brands over the years, like Zillow, Chime, Lemonade, and many more. Regardless of your e-commerce niche, Siege brings the experience that will help you get the results that you want. What separates us from most is that we also provide digital PR services for our clients to help provide high-value backlinks.

We provide SEO consultations to learn each client’s individual goals so we can create an SEO strategy that brings results. Siege also regularly conducts case studies to see what works. For example, in e-commerce, we helped Casper add almost $800,000 in traffic value per month to their website.

Siege Media is here to help boost your Shopify store on Google and provide support every step of the way. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Content strategy
  • SEO consulting
  • Digital PR
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Copywriting
  • Blog design
  • Graphic design

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2. ITGeeks

IT-Geeks is a web solutions provider that uses tech-driven strategies to drive results. They assist clients with setting up their Shopify storefronts based on each individual client’s needs. This Shopify SEO agency has over 200 team members and has been in business for over seven years.

IT-Geeks provides various services depending on where you’re at with your Shopify store. They can help you set up your store, help with a redesign, or migrate it. Their team uses different e-commerce marketing strategies to assist with SEO as well. Some clients in their portfolio include Paragon, Form, and Meatbox.

3. TheVisionTech

Located in Boston, MA, TheVisionTech sees themself as a team of “dreamers, enthusiasts, developers, and experts.” This company has five years of experience and has completed over 200 client projects. They specialize in e-commerce and have been recognized by Shopify, BigCommerce, and Shift4Shop (when they were 3dcart).

This company provides SEO services as well as social media marketing and Google Ads services. They can also assist with advertising your store on Amazon. If you need a fresh new website, they can assist with the design, and they can also create apps for their clients.

4. Swift

Swift provides SEO and Shopify solutions for businesses worldwide. Their team specializes in helping clients get more visibility on Facebook, and part of their strategy is to use AI for additional content marketing.

Swift works closely with clients to provide creative solutions, and they also have 24-hour support for their clients. Their goal is to make setting up e-commerce sites simple so clients can generate revenue from their storefronts. Some of the tools they provide as part of their services are auto-responses on Messenger as well as SMS marketing and social media posting.

They’re a smaller company with about 7 team members and have been in business for two years.

5. Thriftizer

Thriftizer brands themselves as leading experts in Shopify design. They provide different services to make Shopify storefronts have an appealing design. They can assist with logos, banner advertisements, and visual branding for your website. Some industries they work with include fashion, health and beauty, and food and beverages.

In addition to the visuals they provide for Shopify stores, they work closely with clients to develop a content strategy for SEO purposes. The team at Thriftizer is passionate about their work and helps clients achieve results uniquely tailored to their needs. Some of their clients include Czar, Snowfoam Australia, and Ibrus.

6. CarlowSEO

The team at CarlowSEO has some of the most experience in the industry with over 20 years of experience. Founded in 2001, they originally offered general IT services and branched out into e-commerce in 2011 and started doing SEO work for clients in 2018. They’re now a full-service digital marketing company providing email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

CarlowSEO’s founder is Trevor Carlow, who aims to provide excellent customer service at a reasonable price. His team offers “hosted e-commerce,” meaning they manage your Shopify store’s updates and information. Clients in their portfolio include Marena, Righteous Felon, and Legendary USA.

7. Ecommerce Storez

Ecommerce Storez and assist you with top-to-bottom Shopify services. Not only do they help clients set up and manage their Shopify store, but they can also create mobile apps. This can assist with reaching more people with your store to make even more sales.

They advertise themselves as Shopify experts and provide clients with a streamlined store setup. Ecommerce Storez is another company that’s heavily design-focused and offers graphic design services as well as UI/UX design. They’re available for customer support 24 hours a day and offer free consultations.

8. eBizTrait

The team at eBizTrait offers a wide range of services for e-commerce business owners. In addition to Shopify services, they also help create mobile apps and do a lot of other developer work. They specialize in Javascript and PHP development, and can create custom software for your business.

This company began in 2012 as a web development company and digital marketing agency. The eBizTrait team does everything in-house and creates high quality work. For convenience, they communicate with clients through various methods like WhatsApp, Skype, and email.

9. Coalition

Regardless of your e-commerce niche, Coalition is a Shopify SEO company that has you covered. They work with all industries that range from fashion and beauty to furniture and auto parts. Located in Culver City, CA, they’ve served over 300 clients and have helped their clients generate over $10,000,000 in revenue.

The company has been in business since 2009 and has a team specializing in SEO services. They provide a steady flow of technical and development work for client websites, and they also provide digital PR services. Coalition was featured in Bloomberg, PCWorld, and Fast Company for their work.

10. LanternSol

LanternSol has a wealth of experience as they’ve worked with over 600 clients over the years. As stated on their website, they provide “rocket fuel for growing your brand.” They do this with different services like Shopify, Facebook ads, email marketing, and logo design.

If you need a website, LanternSol offers web design and development where they strive to get clients increased traffic and retention. In addition to web design, their team also offers motion graphics, which can leave a lasting impression on potential customers. This e-commerce SEO agency will create SEO-friendly content and research the competition to help you outrank them.

Why you should work with a Shopify SEO agency

Not only does it take years of experience to master SEO best practices, but the Google algorithm is regularly changing. SEO agencies have teams of people who stay up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates and also have individual departments with various specialties as well.

The Google algorithm looks for a variety of factors, like how content is written and structured as well as how images are installed and how a website runs. This means that an SEO agency may have individual departments for content creation, design, and website development.

As you can see, this is quite a bit of work, which is why it’s often a great idea to outsource SEO services for Shopify. When looking for Shopify SEO services, some of the best practices an agency will use include:

  • Keyword-focused content strategy
  • Consistent, unique content publishing
  • Data-driven reporting
  • Shopify site layout optimization
  • Link building

How a Shopify SEO Agency Can Help Expand Your Reach

If you’re ready to give your Shopify page a boost on Google, allow Siege Media to help. Our team has the experience and expertise to get your Shopify store the visibility it needs to help your business thrive. You can also learn more about how Siege helps ecommerce brands here.

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