Do Links Matter in Some Verticals More Than Others?

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The title of this post is a question I’ve heard a few times recently, including after my last presentation at the Engage conference in Portland. It’s a good question, and one worth thinking about. Although I don’t have access to the algorithm, I do have experience and some ideas about how Google and their algorithm might interpret the problem. Read More »

When and Why the Skyscraper Technique Can Fail

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For some, the Skyscraper Technique hasn't worked. Why is that? We break down common examples of content that does this technique wrong, and what the miscommunication might be. Read More »

Which Keywords Have the Worst CTR?

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Google is slowly eating away at the traffic we can achieve through content marketing. We analyzed a set of 42 keyword stems in order to determine the true CTR potential for many different topic areas. Read More »

How to Generate More Links From Non-Seasonal Content

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For a long time, our team has defaulted to two forms of content: seasonal and non-seasonal. Seasonal was as you might imagine it: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years — very clear cut, time-driven trends that inform sharp spikes of demand as they approached. Read More »

13 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Use Today

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Being a better SEO is about identifying the patterns Google shows us, and then reacting to them to put the best search-experience forward. This post is a reflection of that process, and includes 13 of the best tips that apply to today's search result patterns. Read More »

75 Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Your SEO

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Good content marketing isn't enough this days. It takes 10x content marketing to ensure that you rank, your business grows, and your bottom line flourishes. These 75 examples will get you on the path towards doing it yourself. Read More »